Jar Return Policy

One of the things we work to do here at Twisted Hollow Homestead is reducing the amount of waste we produce. To help promote this, we offer customers in our local area a way to help us with this by creating a Jar Return Policy.

How does it work?

It's simple! If you live locally, you can return your jars to us in exchange for $2 off your next candle purchase, redeemable both in person and online.

How do I return the jar?

Currently, we do not have a storefront. Jars can be returned in person at any of the events we are attending. Find us at a local event here: Local events.

What are the requirements?

Jars are required to be in good condition, no cracks, chips, or breaks. You do not need to wash jars before returning. Preferably, the lid should be returned with the jar.

I don't live locally. What can I do?

If you do not live locally, you can still help us in reducing waste. Simply clean out your jars and remove the lids. After doing so, check out some of the things you can do with the jars instead of throwing them in the trash.


*Craft project

*Storage of craft supplies, nails, or other items

*Spell jars

*Change jars

*Succulent Planters

*Flower Vases

Please note: due to the possibility of residual candle residue, we do not recommend storing food products in candle jars.