About Rabbitry

Nestled on 7.5 acres in the quaint town of Deerfield, New Hampshire, Twisted Hollow Homestead sits atop the hill overlooking the street below. There you can find our soap and candle workshop, farm stand, and many chickens, turkeys and ducks. Among the animals located on our farm are our beautiful English Angora and Silver Fox rabbits.


The Rabbitry

Housed in a large building, our rabbitry consists of 15 rabbit cages, a quarantine area, grow out pens, a grooming station, and rabbit play yard for bunnies to jump around and get exercise. Each rabbit is housed in their own 30x36 (1080 square inches) wire cage to provide adequate ventilation, proper hygiene and prevent matting and felting of the angora rabbit wool. These enclosures are considerably larger than the 360 square inches that is required by the Animal Welfare Act for humane habitation of rabbits that are between 5-8 lbs and 576 square inches for rabbits between 8-12 lbs.

Our grooming station is complete with a grooming table, flying pig blower, shears, clippers, and loads of treats to keep them happy during grooming. Rabbits receive regular blowouts to ensure their health and maintenance of their wool. Brushing is done as needed and nails are kept trimmed on all rabbits.


Twisted Hollow Homestead is a registered rabbitry with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We are members of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club and National Silver Fox Rabbit Club.