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$9.50 per pound.

Pre Order ONLY!

Rabbit is a nutrient dense meat that surpassed chicken in all ways. Not only does it contain significantly higher protein than chicken, but it is 100% white meat that is easier to produce with far less environmental impact. Our pasture raised rabbits are from our purebred Silver Fox and Creme D'Argents, heritage commercial type breeds both on the livestock conservancy list. Silver Fox are now listed as recovering, while Creme D'Argent are listed as threatened.

We offer our rabbits as custom cut preorder only and require a $10 deposit at the time of order. This means that you will purchase a live cull rabbit from us, which we will process for you. The cost of processing is included in the price of purchase and deposit will be applies to your final purchase price. Cull rabbits are rabbits that do not meet ARBA standards. We do not sell cull rabbits as breeding stock. Cull rabbits are available once they reach Fryer status 10-12 weeks of age, or around 5 lbs. If you would like your rabbit grown out for longer (Roaster or Stew) please let us know when placing your order.

We understand that this is a frustrating way to sell healthy and nutritious rabbit meat. Due to state restrictions, we are not allowed to sell already processed rabbits directly to consumer.

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