Handcrafted, Farm Raised, and Locally Produced

Proudly supporting Deerfield and surrounding communities with quality, locally sourced goods. We offer a wide variety of products and foods produced right here on our 7.5 acre homestead. We are a family run farm with so much to offer.

Our products are made the old fashioned way. We make everything in small batches with methods that have stood the test of time. From cold process soaps to herbal tea blends and jams, we craft our products with simple ingredients.

We are now offering chicken and duck eggs! Call for availability.

Coming Soon! Pasture raised chicken, turkey and duck.

The Rabbitry

Twisted Hollow Homestead is an American Rabbit Breeders Association registered rabbitry. We specialize in the American heritage breed the Silver Fox; a breed bred for their high-quality meat and uniquely beautiful fur. We also specialize in the wooler breed, the English Angora; bred for their soft, luxurious wool. We are a member of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club and the National Silver Fox Rabbit Club.

The Rabbitry